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Whether you want to increase your leads, accelerate sales, or improve your process, SmartDesk has the solution to help you grow.


Is our core application for you to build a total solution for your company. We start with the first place most new customers engage with you, your website! We build our modules around this foundation and add innovative features to help with every stage of your business. With our Start package you get the following.

Website Hosting

With SmartDesk you can host and manage 1 or more websites all from one application.

User-Friendly CMS

Make use of our custom WYSIWYG tool and create pages with user permissions.

Blog Management

Get the visibility you need with and integrated blog management system.

SSL Certificate

Get the protection of 128bit SSL encryption with SmartDesk.

Campaign Tracker

Track your promotional campaigns to know where your leads are coming from.

Website Analytics

Simple and easy to understand website analytics build right into the SmartDesk dashboard

Calendar & Docs

Keep track of all your meetings events and reminders and manage all your important documents in one location

Disk Space

With the Start Package you get 10 GB of space


Is our solution for managing a growing digital company, we built CRM tools that are simple to understand and have the depth to understand where your customers are coming from. Our tools allow you to track leads from your website, create a sales pipeline and give you predictive analysis so you can see beyond what is happening today. With our Grow package you get the following.

Lead Management

SmartDesk tracks all your leads with detailed information and gives you a easy to use interface to work in.

Sales Management

Track all your opportunities and let SmartDesk tell you your sales pipline

Marketing Automation

Simplify the marketing process and deliver a perfectly timed marketing communications.

Email Templates

Create HTML friendly email templates that deliver your message and brand

Goal Management

Create daily, weekly or annual goals and let SmartDesk track against them in real time.

Lead Categorization

Organize your leads by opportunity in SmartDesk so you know what your leads are interested in.


We’ve created stunningly visual dashboards to showcase your data to you in new ways.

Disk Space

With the Grow Package you get 20 GB of space


Is ideal for companies growing in new directions and expecting more from your software. Assign teams to new projects and manage tasks and responsibility all from the software that has been with you from the beginning. As your company grows so does SmartDesk keeping pace and helping you along the way. With our Prosper package you get the following.

Project Management

Create projects, tasks and get your team collaborating in real-time

Task Management

Manage multiple tasks within a project.

Progress Tracking

Intelligent progress tracking to see how the project is moving along

Email Templates

SmartDesk will automatically notify the project managers with task are complete.

Activity Logs

Get insights into group activity on projects and tasks with a complete record log on all activity in SmartDesk.

Timesheet Management

Keep track of all your time on tasks that you are working on.

Document Management

Upload and keep a resource of all documents related to any projects or tasks.

Disk Space

With the Prosper Package youget 100 GB of space


Is the perfect solution for a private company, not for profit or public company that need a robust tool for managing corporate documents and practicing good governance. SmartDesk goes beyond your average CRM tool to give you access to a level of professionalism typically reserved for big companies with equal budgets. SmartDesk was designed, in part to guide companies along the path of strong governance and the highest level of security. With our Excel package you get the following.

Document Management

Manage corporate documents in a secure environment with a complete audit log of all interactions.

Record Logs

See who views and downloads all documents within SmartDesk.

Minute Book

Manage your minute book with your accountant, lawyer and directors in real time.

Equity Management

Get a real time instant view of all your shareholders on one screen.

Access Management

SmartDesk give you complete control on who can access your documents.

Deal Rooms

Create segregated areas to allow a controlled group of people to specific files and folders.

Guest Access Control

You can set access by the session or number of days easily with SmartDesk.

Disk Space

With the Prosper Package youget 1000 GB of space

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